How often should I replace my Uresta?

You have been enjoying your return to a leak free life, but are now wondering if it might be time to replace your Uresta? Time flies when you aren’t stressing about leaks. This blog explores the reasons why it’s a good idea to replace your Uresta annually.

Recommended replacement cycle

For a bit of background, Uresta is considered a Class II medical device by the FDA and Health Canada. Many reusable Class II medical devices are recommended to be replaced regularly to ensure safe and effective use. For example, menstrual cups are recommended to be replaced every 1-2 years (depending on the brand) and many traditional pessaries are to be replaced
every 6 to 12 months. In the case of Uresta, we recommend replacing it once every year or so, here’s why:

  • Hygiene best practice: although it is normal for your Uresta to discolor a bit over time, it’s no different than underwear or a toothbrush – it’s a good idea to keep things fresh by replacing it every 12 months or so.
  • Usual wear and tear: over time the constant cycle of use, washing and being carried in purses and gym bags, will wear on your Uresta. Annual replacement ensures your device is safe and comfortable.
  • Ensures your device can be cleaned properly: it is important to replace reusable medical devices on a regular basis, even when made from medical grade materials like Uresta. Over time, mini cracks can develop on the outer surface which may not be visible to the eye. These cracks can trap bacteria and make your device harder to clean. Replacing your Uresta on a regular basis can help ensure your device is properly washable to avoid any unwanted infections.
  • Your perfect fit may change: it is completely normal that your perfect size may evolve over time. This can be caused by hormonal changes, level of sexual activity, fluctuations in weight among other factors. As a result, you may find that you would benefit from moving up or down a size over time. Take the opportunity to use your annual replacement cycle to consider if you would benefit from ordering a larger or smaller size than the one you are currently using.

* Important note – you should replace your device sooner than 1 year if you notice any damage. We recommend storing your Uresta in the microfiber pouch that came with your starter kit, and keeping it in a safe place at room temperature. Reminder to wash your device before storing!

Can I order my specific size, or do I need to re-order the Starter Kit?

Good news! Yes you can definitely order your specific size. The Starter Kit is really meant for first time users who are trying to find their fit, or for women who tend to use different sizes regularly (check out this blog for more info). So whether you are happy with your current size, or think it’s time to switch it up, you can order individual Annual Replacement Sizes for $89 on our website.

Wishing you another year of happy leak free life!