What should I do with the extra Uresta sizes from my Starter Kit?

So, you got your Uresta Starter Kit and have found your perfect fit – nice job!  But now you may be wondering what to do with the two sizes you aren’t using, right? Toss them? Gift them to a friend? Well, hold on there, because we’ve got some tips for you on why you should hang on to them! 

First, let’s recap on what “perfect fit” means:

 ✔️ Your leaks have stopped or are significantly reduced

✔️ You can still pee when going to the washroom with Uresta inserted

✔️ It’s comfortable 

✔️ It’s not falling out

If you need more guidance on finding your perfect fit, we’ve got you covered – click here

Here is why it makes sense to hold on to those extra sizes: 

  • Give your body time to adapt ⏳: Even if you think you have found your perfect match, your body might have other plans after a few days or weeks of use. Your pelvic floor might relax and need a slightly bigger size, or you might find a smaller size cozier. 
  • Different Sizes for Different Activities🏋️‍♂️: Many women realize they actually prefer using more than one size, depending on level of activity. For example, some women may use a larger size than their day-to-day size when exercising or running (think sports bra vs regular bra).  It doesn’t hurt to keep a larger size in your gym bag just in case! 
  • Estrogen Levels and Leaks 💦: Hormones can be a real rollercoaster, especially around our period. Lower estrogen levels can actually weaken your pelvic floor temporarily, leading to more leaks. In fact, 42% of women indicate that their bladder leaks are at their worse right before their period1. Sizing up during this time (or during other times of hormonal fluctuations) can provide the extra support you may need. 
  • Getting Stronger 💪🏼: Perhaps you’ve been working with a pelvic floor physiotherapist to strengthen your pelvic floor and now you’re starting to reap the benefits. Some women find that they are able to improve their bladder leaks with pelvic floor strengthening but still require a little extra support from Uresta. If you’ve been working on your pelvic floor, you may eventually need a smaller size. Additionally, some women find that full-body strength training can lead to improvements in their pelvic floor (the pelvic floor is only as strong as its surroundings!). What’s nice is that Uresta can allow you to push yourself in the gym (without leaks) to improve overall strength that can lead to improvements in your pelvic floor. 
  • Life Stages Matter 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧: Whether you’ve recently had a baby, are in your menstruating years, or going through menopause, your pelvic floor needs can change. Different sizes are likely going to be needed as you navigate these transformations! 
  • Your perfect fit may change 😊:  it is completely normal that your perfect size may evolve over time. This can be caused by hormonal changes, level of sexual activity, fluctuations in weight among other factors.  As a result, you may find that you would benefit from moving up or down a size over time.

Sharing is not so caring

Now, about sharing…While we’re all about spreading the word about Uresta to all of your girlfriends (because let’s face it, many women deal with stress incontinence), we do not recommend swapping sizes with your friends. Uresta is a medical device that is inserted inside your body, so you want to make sure you are using something that is both effective and safe. 

Annual replacement

Finally, it is important to remember to replace your Uresta every 12 months or so to ensure safe and effective long-term use. Whether its your menstrual cup, toothbrush, or undies, its generally a good practice to replace these items now and then as a good hygiene practice.

Also, take the opportunity to use your annual replacement cycle to consider if you would benefit from ordering a larger or smaller size than the one you are currently using.

So whether you are happy with your current size, or think it’s time to switch it up, you can order individual Annual Replacement Sizes for $89 on our website.