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How does Uresta compare to common solutions for managing bladder leakage?

When it comes to managing stress urinary incontinence (SUI), the impact on a woman's quality of life cannot be overstated. This common condition affects millions of women and often leads to discomfort, embarrassment, and limitations on daily activities. While there are various options available to manage SUI, Uresta Bladder Support stands out as a cost-effective and life-enhancing solution. In this blog, we will explore how Uresta compares to popular alternatives for managing bladder leakage.

Why the Uresta Pessary is not a band-aid solution for stress incontinence.

Uresta Bladder Support provides immediate relief from bladder leakage by stopping the leaks, thus improving your quality of life. While Uresta doesn’t treat or improve your stress incontinence, it doesn’t make your incontinence worse.
Caroline - How she stopped leaking when running

How this pelvic floor physiotherapist stopped her leaks when running.

Caroline Packard shares how she eliminated her leaks when running – something her physician told her was impossible without surgery.
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Latest clinical study shows the world that Uresta truly is a gamechanger for women when it comes to bladder leaks.

According to a new study, Uresta helped improve the lives of an impressive 97% of women. We are also proud to report that 94% of women said they would recommend Uresta to a friend and 91% felt more confident when using Uresta.

What is a pessary? And what are the alternatives?

Learn about what a pessary is and how it can help incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. While Uresta is considered a pessary, we explain how it is different from more traditional, prescription pessaries. And why you are much more likely to continue to use your Uresta pessary vs. one fitted by a physician.
Looking back, to leap forward

From Pomegranates to Pessaries: How historical pee-leak solutions informed Uresta’s design.

Dr. Scott Farrell, the inventor of Uresta, tells all about the…
Our former CEO, Carol Chapman, talks all about feelings of shame, the lack of funding in women’s health, and how Uresta’s changing the pee-leak game.

Women-led Uresta is changing the game for people suffering from pee leaks.

One of my closest friends for over 30 years and I, both suffered from stress urinary incontinence (SUI) for years before ever discussing it with each other. Unfortunately, that is a far too common reality when it comes to women suffering with the condition. A group of women investors and I decided we wanted to change this narrative when we acquired Uresta, an innovative new solution to SUI a number of years ago. Uresta is now led by a bright young female CEO, Lauren Barker, who is on a mission to introduce Uresta to more women than ever before.