Dr. Alicia Power

Dr. Alicia Power

Meet Dr. Alicia Power

Age: 44
Location: Victoria, BC

A little bit about Dr. Alicia Power

I’m a family physician who cares for pregnant and newly parenting people. I’m also the co-founder of She Found Health and She Found Motherhood. I have two kids of my own and we love being active outdoors!

How I heard about Uresta

A gynecologist colleague suggested Uresta to me as I was complaining about urinary leakage during a workout we were doing together. I went home and ordered it online that evening.

How Uresta has changed my life

Uresta gives me the confidence to do the things I love to do! Running, weightlifting and skipping rope – Uresta has been one of the things that’s really enabled me to get back to the high impact activities that I love without the leaks.

What I want other women to know about Uresta

Uresta can be part of your toolkit to combat urinary incontinence, along with physiotherapy. It is comfortable, easy to use and discreet. Being able to take care of my health allows me to take care of my patients and family better, and using Uresta is one of the ways I do this.

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More testimonials

“I’m always recommending it to my fellow female athletes at the gym – one friend ordered her’s online just last week and LOVES it.” – Suzanne

Age 59

“I have tried everything under the sun to address my stress incontinence. Uresta has hands down been a gamechanger.” – Caroline

Age 36

“Uresta has changed my life. I am now able to go harder and faster at CrossFit and run the bases without the fear of leaking. ” – Kristina

Age 37

“I LOVE IT, I couldn’t live without it now. More women should be told about Uresta because it is a huge problem that women don’t like to talk about. It will save you.” – Amanda

Age 42