Meet Eloise

Age: 41
Location: Quebec, Canada

A little bit about Eloise

I’m a full-time single mom of two beautiful boys, so life can be busy sometimes! I consider myself really active and enjoy functional training (CrossFit). I love to compete and qualify well for my age.

How I heard about Uresta

A couple years ago, I started having issues with light bladder leakage (LBL). Rope jumping and playing on a trampoline quickly became a challenge for me. I decided to talk to my doctor and despite doing pelvic floor physiotherapy, I ended up undergoing surgery for prolapse. The surgery improved my LBL, but it did not totally eliminate my leaks during impact training, like skipping rope or heavy squatting. That’s when my Doctor introduced me to Uresta.

How Uresta has changed my life

Uresta has changed the way I feel about high-impact exercise! I always carry Uresta in my training bag and use it only when needed to give me the confidence I need to tackle my training and focus on my workout. It really is a life-changing tool that I recommend to other moms that I train with.

What I want other women to know about Uresta

Just love this! It’s my best friend during workout with Double Unders! Super flexible, I use it only when I need it the most!

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More testimonials


“I hope all women get to experience jumping on a trampoline or whatever it is that you hope to do without urinary leakage. There is hope, there is help, don’t let anything hold you back.” – Jen

Age 49

“I LOVE IT, I couldn’t live without it now. More women should be told about Uresta because it is a huge problem that women don’t like to talk about. It will save you.” – Amanda

Age 42

“Uresta is an affordable way to help with incontinence when staying fit. I want women to know they have options and do not need to suffer in silence.” – Natalee

Age 40

“Being able to take care of my health allows me to take care of my patients and family better, and using Uresta is one of the ways I do this.” – Dr. Alicia Power

Age 44