Meet Kristina

Age: 37
Location: Ontario, Canada

A little bit about Kristina

I work full-time and am a single mom to two active kids. I’m an avid CrossFit goer, as well as recreational softball, horseback riding and golf to name a few!

How I heard about Uresta

I felt my bladder issues were holding me back at the gym and not allowing me to push myself to where I wanted to get so I looked into alternatives.

How Uresta has changed my life

I am now able to go harder and faster at CrossFit and run the bases without the fear of leaking.

What I want other women to know about Uresta

It’s so easy to use, you won’t even know it’s in there. I forgot about it overnight the first time using it… oops!

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More testimonials

“I’m always recommending it to my fellow female athletes at the gym – one friend ordered her’s online just last week and LOVES it.” – Suzanne (photo credit: TrainingDayMedia)

“Uresta is an affordable way to help with incontinence when staying fit. I want women to know they have options and do not need to suffer in silence.” – Natalee

“I have tried everything under the sun to address my stress incontinence. Uresta has hands down been a gamechanger.” – Caroline


“I hope all women get to experience jumping on a trampoline or whatever it is that you hope to do without urinary leakage. There is hope, there is help, don’t let anything hold you back.” – Jen