Meet Natalee

Age: 40
Location: Alberta, Canada

A little bit about Natalee

I am a sports therapist that specializes in the pelvis and pelvic floor.

How I heard about Uresta

I heard about Uresta on Instagram and wanted to try it because not only do I have pelvic floor problems post having babies, but so do many of my clients.

What I want other women to know about Uresta

Uresta is an affordable way to help with incontinence when staying fit. I want women to know they have options and do not need to suffer in silence.

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More testimonials

“I LOVE IT, I couldn’t live without it now. More women should be told about Uresta because it is a huge problem that women don’t like to talk about. It will save you.” – Amanda

“Uresta has changed the way I feel about high-impact exercise! It really is a life-changing tool that I recommend to other moms that I train with.” – Eloise

“I have tried everything under the sun to address my stress incontinence. Uresta has hands down been a gamechanger.” – Caroline

“Uresta has allowed me to enjoy and increase the intensity of my workouts and accelerate my weight loss journey. I am also excited to be able to wear it to receptions and be able to dance.” – April