Time to enjoy the outdoors without being slowed down by pesky bladder leaks!

Time to enjoy the outdoors without being slowed down by pesky bladder leaks!

Uresta, the game changing solution for women suffering from stress urinary incontinence is now available at MEC in both their online store at MEC.ca and at select retail locations across the country! Stress urinary incontinence, more commonly known as bladder leakage, can be described as the involuntary release of urine when jumping, sneezing, coughing or running.  Bladder leaks affect 1 in 3 Canadian women, and can often result in reduced outdoor activity and exercise due to the discomfort and anxiety caused by leaks.

It is estimated that over 65% of women use traditional pads available at local pharmacies and convenience stores to manage their leaks.  Pads are often considered “expensive and outdated” solution.  They are also incompatible for women who are physically active as they have a tendency to shift out of position and the dampness can cause discomfort and rashes.  With its recent partnership with Uresta, MEC is making a better solution available to its customers across the country.  Uresta is a specially designed bladder support, that helps stop leaks before they happen by providing support to the pelvic floor muscles that have weakened over time.  Whether its running, hiking, camping or biking, Uresta helps women regain control and enjoy their favorite activities worry free.

“We know that our users love the outdoors – Uresta allows them to enjoy their favourite outdoor activities without worrying about pesky bladder leaks”

– Lauren Barker, CEO of Uresta

Uresta is excited about partnering with MEC, given their mutual focus on helping active women enjoy outdoor adventures.  Furthermore, Uresta share’s MEC focus on environmental sustainability.  As a reusable product, Uresta can help drastically reduce waste associated with single-use disposables which are unfortunately often found filling up waste bins and eco-toilets on trails and parks across the country.

Uresta is a must-have solution for women looking to enjoy the outdoors this summer without being slowed down by bladder leaks!