Resilia Inc. partners with HPSRx Enterprises, Inc. to bring uresta® to the U.S. market.

(Moncton) – Resilia Inc., the makers of uresta® Bladder Support for Women are excited to announce that they have a signed agreement with women’s healthcare distributor HPSRx Enterprises, Inc. and have joined forces to bring uresta® to women across the United States.

uresta® is a simple, safe and effective solution for women suffering from light bladder leakage (“LBL”), clinically known of as “stress urinary incontinence” (“SUI”).

“We’re excited to be expanding the reach of our innovative solution by inking the deal to bring uresta® to all women in the U.S.,” says Stephen Goddard, CEO for Resilia, Inc. “We’re expecting exponential sales growth with this expansion into the United States.”

Our unique patented product offers women the best solution available on the market today and it’s 100% Canadian developed and manufactured

uresta® is an innovative solution that gives women the freedom to enjoy life without having to worry about bladder leaks. And what’s more, uresta®’s design also ensures that women stay dry, odour free and avoid filling up landfills with disposable products.

uresta® was invented by world‐renowned Urogynecologist, Dr. Scott A. Farrell, MD FRCSC Professor, Division Head‐ Gynecology, Clinical Division: Urogynecology, Dalhousie University.

“Stress urinary incontinence is so common that we should be talking about real solutions that work for women,” says Carol Chapman, VP Marketing for Resilia.“That’s why we’re so proud of uresta® – it’s a little product that has a big impact on the quality of life for women. No more pads. No more self‐consciousness. I’m excited for what this means for vibrant, active women everywhere.”

uresta® is available online in the U.S. and Canada and at selected retail locations. (Ask your pharmacist to order uresta® for you – quick and easy.) For more information, visit

About HPSRx Enterprises, Inc.
HPSRx Enterprises, Inc. is a wholesale distributor specializing in women’s health.  They provide pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and over 90,000 items of medical supplies. They are licensed to ship to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. HPSRX also complies with Pedigree regulations.

About Resilia
Resilia Inc. manufactures and sells uresta®, the only reusable, self-managed medical device for female stress urinary incontinence that has been clinically proven to completely eliminate or significantly reduce the involuntary loss of urine. FDA cleared, licensed under Health Canada, and CE marked, with global patents on the device, uresta® is the only reusable, highly effective, and self-managed solution available.

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Carol Chapman