Go ahead.
Do some yoga. Go for a run.
Laugh (or sneeze or cough) without fear

The uresta® bladder support gives you back your life—it helps significantly reduce or stop leaks1 so you can start living again.

Do you have
Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)?

It’s a common occurrence: as many as one in two women will experience some form of urinary leaking in their lifetime, particularly at age 45 and older. And half of those women experience Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI; sometimes referred to as Light Bladder Leakage).*

*The Canadian Continence Foundation; 2014

Do You Leak Urine…

Yes! uresta® may be able to help significantly reduce or stop your leaking.

You may have Stress Urinary Incontinence. You should consult your doctor/ healthcare professional to determine if you are suffering from stress urinary incontinence and if uresta® is right for you.

When you cough, laugh, sneeze, run, exercise, bend over, or lift something?

Unfortunately, the uresta® bladder support may not be right for you.

You may have a condition called Urge Incontinence (sometimes referred to as Overactive Bladder or OAB). The uresta® bladder support will not help with the effects of Urge Incontinence. You should see your doctor to discuss other treatment options.

Because all of a sudden you have to go so badly you can't get to the bathroom in time?


Compare reusable
uresta® with disposables

The uresta® bladder support doesn’t absorb leaks – it significantly reduces or stops them from happening.3 Over 12 months it may provide better value4 and may be better for the environment.

uresta® in numbers

75% of women surveyed in a clinical study said using uresta® either stopped their leaking or reduced it to a significant degree35

84% of women said they felt more comfortable in public when using uresta®36

72% would recommend uresta® to a friend37

Here’s what women are saying about uresta®

“I tried the bladder support today and I almost cried! It was the first time in 21 years that I sneezed and didn’t wet my panties.”

– M.H., Ontario

“Best of all it allowed me to run the 5k with my children and not have to worry about incontinence!”

– Nova Scotia Family Physician

“Now I can go to work, I can go to school and I can feel confident again.”

– Vickie, Nova Scotia

“The product has already changed my life. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I didn’t realize what a prisoner I was.”

– Mary Ellen, Ontario

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