Uresta is a Game Changer

“Over the moon” excitement at recent Uresta info sessions

By Carol Chapman

I’m still reeling from the overwhelming response to two Uresta information sessions we held this week in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Dr. Denise Black, a highly respected gynecologist and active educator on women’s health invited women’s health professionals from across Winnipeg to attend information sessions about Uresta.

Dr. Black has organized many of these types of sessions in the past and was surprised to see the enthusiastic uptake on the invitations. Running at full capacity, the attendees of the sessions, sponsored by an International Pharma Company,  were given prep work in advance – to read some of Dr. Farrell’s research – so the attendees would be well prepared after the session to have good Q&As and a meaningful dialogue about Uresta.

The attendees, mostly women, were nurse practitioners, pharmacists, general practitioners and pelvic floor physiotherapists – a real cross-section. They were amazed at the Uresta solution for women with bladder leakage caused by stress urinary incontinence. There seemed to be a lot of interest around Uresta because there just isn’t a real solution to this problem – until now.

The second night, the attendees were mostly gynecologists – and mostly women!  Attendance had to be cut off as the venue was filled to capacity. I have never seen such an engaged audience for a Uresta presentation – and many were there for over three hours! The main topic of discussion among these women’s health professionals was clear;  this issue is so underserved and the Uresta product is such an important solution because of how it affects women.

What I’m hearing from these professionals over and over again…Uresta is a game-changer – it will change women’s lives. They want to be a part of this. And they are very excited about this Canadian solution – invented by a Canadian, manufactured in Canada and owned by Resilia, an Atlantic Canadian Company.

Right now these professionals don’t have anything to offer their patients/clients for bladder leakage caused by stress urinary incontinence. And many of the women in the room straddle being someone suffering with incontinence themselves and being physicians that help other women with incontinence. They totally “get” this product and the incredible solution that it is for women, including themselves!

The attendees left these sessions wanting more information, ready to make this available to women.

Dr. Black said, “I don’t often get to be excited about something.” She’s a surgeon and knows the surgery to correct stress urinary incontinence can have horrific outcomes. She feels it’s insanity that, up until now, we didn’t have a better solution for women.

In a nutshell, these professionals in Winnipeg who have an interest and passion for women’s health are over the moon excited about our product. Not only is there serious interest in Uresta, there is a pent up demand for a product like this.

I actually had two attendees show interest in investing in the company and the samples of Uresta were being grabbed up NOT only for their patients, but for THEMSELVES!! They most definitely want Uresta to be available to women in Manitoba!

And I arrived home to New Brunswick to see that CBC just published a story about Resilia – A Shediac company that markets a rubber stopper-like device to prevent involuntary bladder leakage in women is setting its sights on the global market. Read the full story here.  It’s been a fabulous week for Resilia, Uresta, and women’s health!