Why the Uresta Pessary is not a band-aid solution for stress incontinence.


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We often get asked whether Uresta is a band-aid solution or taking the easy way out. Can we all do ourselves a favour and stop guilting ourselves? Uresta is not the easy way out if it improves your quality of life!

Bladder leakage, or stress urinary incontinence, impacts 1 in 3 women after the age of 30 and 1 in 2 by the time of menopause. It is also more prevalent with active women, as 50% of women experience bladder leaks while working out. While bladder leakage is common, it isn’t something you need to tolerate and is a quality-of-life issue.  There are solutions that can help, and there is no right or wrong when improving your quality of life.

Now this is where I get passionate because women often look at Uresta and say, ” Well, why not fix the problem”? Or “I feel like I’m taking the easy way out by purchasing Uresta – this is just a Band-Aid.No one should feel guilty about making their quality of life better. Uresta does not worsen your condition, and while it doesn’t improve your incontinence – it provides immediate relief of bladder leaks.

If you read our reviews – you will often see women say things like – “It gave me my life back,” “Uresta is a game-changer,” “I wish I knew about this earlier,” and “I’m so much more confident.Bladder leaks are something that I know impact women’s ability to play with their kids, be active, return to work post-maternity leave, be confident at work, or just enjoy a night out with friends.

Now this is not meant to be an anti-pelvic floor physiotherapy message. We love pelvic floor physiotherapy and work with thousands of amazing pelvic floor physios across Canada and the US who use Uresta to complement their pelvic floor strengthening exercises.  They tell us all the time that Uresta is like a brace for your bladder!

However, pelvic floor physiotherapy is not an option for all women. In some cases, this is due to limited time or financial resources, lack of access to a physio in their local area, or even underlying tissue damage that cannot easily be repaired through rehabilitation exercises.

For women who can enjoy the many benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy, it is important to remember that some may still experience continued leakage. Especially when doing higher-impact activities or, say, if they have an extreme cough or sneeze. In the latest clinical study completed on Uresta, the average age of women was 42, and 85% had previously tried to fix their incontinence with pelvic floor physiotherapy.

I also know that it takes time, effort, and money to see results from physiotherapy – I get women messaging me saying – “I know it is bad, but I just don’t want to do my pelvic floor exercises and want relief.” That is okay – there is no need to guilt yourself! Our lives are chaotic enough.

I want you to know there is no shame or guilt in how you manage your leaks. Even if that means using multiple disposable pads daily or just straight-up peeing your pants in a workout class. Do what you need to simplify your life, remove some chaos, enjoy the activities you love, be more confident, and be less stressed. And don’t feel guilty about how you go about doing that! That is my wish for all the women out there.