Frequently asked questions

How to buy?

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No, Uresta does not require a prescription in Canada.

Please note that many insurance providers do however require a prescription when submitting your expense for reimbursement.  If you do require a prescription, simply ask your family doctor, OBGYN or urogynecologist about Uresta.

Uresta Starter Kit sells for $139 and includes our 3 most common sizes (i.e. 3,4,5) which fit 80% of women. If you need a smaller or larger size than the ones in the Starter Kit (i.e. sizes 2 and 6), we can send to you free of charge! Remember – Uresta devices are reusable, so no more wasting money on pads and disposables!

Should you not be satisfied with Uresta, we will refund you the cost within 30 days of delivery!

Yes, Uresta is covered by most major insurance companies in Canada.

Coverage is plan specific, so check with your provider to confirm. Uresta is often included in the medical or incontinence supplies categories and is considered a “bell-shaped” pessary. Uresta is also eligible for Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Uresta is a self-managed solution, so you don’t need a doctor to help you find your right fit or insert it for you.

Yes, Uresta has a referral program. If you’ve heard about Uresta from a friend ask them for their unique referral code. When you use their referral code, you get $25 off Uresta and they get a $25 Amazon giftcard. If your friend can’t find their code, email us at

To learn more about our referral program, click here.

First time use & finding your fit

First things first…
The size of your Uresta has nothing to do with your body shape or type!

Each woman’s pelvic floor is different, so Uresta comes in 5 different sizes (2,3,4,5,6) to allow you to find that perfect “can’t even feel it” fit. We ALWAYS suggest that first time users try the Uresta Starter Kit, which includes the 3 most popular sizes (i.e. 3,4,5) which fit ~80% of women. If it turns out you need the smaller size 2 or the larger size 6, we will send to you free of charge.

The female pelvic floor is complex, but the process of finding the right size Uresta is simple.  Start with the middle size 4 included in the Uresta Starter Kit and follow the steps below:

You have found your perfect size if:

  • Your bladder leaking has stopped
  • You are able to empty your bladder without difficulty
  • Uresta fits comfortably and is barely noticeable

Try a smaller size if:

  • You are unable to empty your bladder
  • It is uncomfortable

Try a larger size if:

  • Your bladder leaking has not stopped
  • Uresta falls down to the opening of your vagina or falls out altogether

Some women find their perfect fit immediately, whereas others prefer wearing the different sizes over a few days in order to experience different things (e.g. standing at work, going to the gym, night out with friends).  Take the time to find your perfect fit – you will be happy you did!

No, but some women find they use two sizes depending on their activities and state of health. For example, some women use one size throughout the day, but move up a size when exercising.

Yes, absolutely!

You can download the Instructions for Use here.

Some women might find it intimidating to first try their Uresta; however, after some experimenting with different sizes and upon determining the correct size and position for them, Uresta can be a game changer.

  1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water and rinse thoroughly.
  2. It may be helpful to use a water-based lubricant (available in your local pharmacy) to help you with insertion. It is usually helpful to place one foot on a stool or the toilet seat cover to prepare for insertion.
  3. Inserting your Uresta is not unlike inserting a tampon. Grasp the handle with one hand. With the other hand, place a small amount of lubricant on the tapered end. Separate the labia (the opening or outer lips) of the vagina with one hand and direct the tapered end of Uresta into the vagina with the other.
  4. Push Uresta into the vagina. It may require some effort to get it into the vagina. Push the top of the Uresta handle with your index finger towards your spine to get it in the proper position inside. Push the handle in until the first knuckle on your finger is at the opening of your vagina.

Once inserted, move around to see if the Uresta dislodges or slides down; if it does, you might want to try the next size up. If you find it uncomfortable, consider repositioning it or try the next size down. It might take some time to find the right fit and position, and might take some time to get used to the new sensation of the Uresta, but you should not feel any pain or discomfort during its use. If you think you require a smaller size or larger size than those included in the kit, contact us at

The use of a water-based lubricant can be very helpful for insertion, as there might be some discomfort and pressure when first inserting the Uresta, but there should not be pain. If there is pain, there could be other conditions that need to be examined and treated before using Uresta. Please consult your doctor or pelvic health physiotherapist, or other clinical practitioner for advice and guidance.

There are several good indicators of a properly sized and positioned Uresta:

  • There should be very little or no sensation;
  • The handle is inserted within the vagina to the approximate depth of 1 inch from the opening of the vagina, which generally can be checked by inserting one finger up to the first knuckle and being able to touch the end of the Uresta handle;
  • When you cough, sneeze, or move around, bladder leakage is stopped or significantly reduced;
  • You can urinate or have a bowel movement with your Uresta support in place.

When properly fitted, there should be very little or no sensation. You should only notice Uresta when you first insert it, the same way you feel your watch or a ring when you first put it on. After a while, you forget it is even there. If there is pain, there could be other conditions that need to be examined and treated before using Uresta. Please consult your doctor or pelvic health physiotherapist, or other clinical practitioner for advice and guidance.

  1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Separate the labia (the opening or outer lips) of the vagina with the fingers of one hand. Insert the index finger of your other hand into the vagina to locate the handle.
  3. If you are able to grasp the handle with your thumb and index finger, pull it directly down and out of the vagina. If you have difficulty reaching the handle, bear down as if you were trying to move your bowels. This should help move the Uresta down to a point where you can grasp the handle and remove it.
  4. If you notice any resistance, twist the handle to break your body’s suction.

Uresta has been clinically proven to stop or significantly reduce leaks in women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence. In clinical studies, 86% of women saw a significant reduction in leaking while leaks were completely eliminated for 64% of women. And of those who were satisfied with their Uresta, more than three-quarters kept on using it over the long term. [1] [2]

Uresta is also included in The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada’s clinical practice guideline for the conservative care of urinary incontinence in women.

All about everyday use

Uresta is reusable for up to 1 year.

No, Uresta is inserted into vagina and does not plug or obstruct the urethra. If your Uresta is properly fitted you should still be able to pee, and have bowel movements when inserted. If you are unable to do so, you should consider a smaller size.

Pee stays in your bladder (or where it should be) until you are ready to go to the washroom. Uresta is inserted into the vagina and presses up against the urethra through the vaginal wall to support the bladder until your ready to relieve yourself. Uresta does not act as a plug or in anyway absorb urine.

Warm water and hand soap is all that is required.

Uresta may be used in different ways to suit your lifestyle:

  • All day – insert your Uresta in the morning and remove it before bed
  • For specific activities – insert your Uresta before any activity which causes leaking for you (e.g. running, yoga) and remove after activity if not needed.

Uresta should be removed prior to sexual intercourse.

You’ll feel your Uresta when you first insert it, but once it is fully in place you shouldn’t feel it at all. It’s a similar experience to using a tampon.

No, Uresta should not be used while you are menstruating.

Absolutely! Some women experience bladder leaks more frequently at night – when they toss and turn, or when they get up to use the toilet. Uresta can definitely be used to help stop leaks at night, we simply recommend that Uresta then be removed during the day to allow your tissues to recover. This helps ensure safe and effective long term use.

About the product & safety

Uresta is made of a non-absorbent, hypoallergenic medical-grade plastic. It is not made with natural rubber latex and also contains no phthalates such as DEHP.

Yes! Uresta is FDA and Health Canada cleared and made from medical grade material that does not absorb bacteria or odor. Uresta has also been clinically proven to be safe and effective – you can check out our clinical studies here.

Uresta is also included in The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada’s clinical practice guideline for the conservative care of urinary incontinence in women.

No, not if you follow the product’s instructions for use. When inserting, once the device passes under the pelvic bone and there is no further pressure or resistance, the device does not need to be pushed in any further. It should sit about 1 inch from the opening of the vagina to properly work. You should be able to feel the top of the Uresta handle by inserting one finger up to the first knuckle.

Not a problem. Uresta can safely be worn for up to 24 hours without concern.

No, Uresta does not cause or increase the risk of UTIs.

Some women do experience a reduction in their bladder leaks when they have a tampon inserted. This is because the shape of a tampon applies subtle pressure to the urethra through the vaginal wall. That being said, for most women the pressure applied by a tampon is not significant enough to meaningfully reduce or stop their leaks. Uresta on the other hand is specially designed to provide direct support to the urethra to stop bladder leaks!

Long term use of tampons to manage bladder leaks is not recommended. Tampons are designed for use during the menstrual cycle. As such, tampon use outside the menstrual cycle can result in vaginal dryness and cause pain when extracting. Improper use of tampons also poses the risk of toxic shock syndrome, particularly when in use for extended periods.

Unlike conventional pessaries, Uresta is available over the counter and does not require a prescription in Canada. Uresta was designed to be completely self-fitted and self-managed, giving you more independence and control around managing your bladder leaks. Self-fitting allows you to try Uresta at your own pace on your own terms, in the comfort of your own home without the stress and pressure of a physician fitting.

The Uresta Starter Kit comes with the three most popular sizes (which fit ~80% of women). This allows you to experiment with the different sizes to find your perfect fit! Check out our FAQs related to first time use and how to find your perfect fit.

Uresta is a great solution for women with stress urinary incontinence and is designed to significantly reduce or stop bladder leaks. Uresta can help women suffering with mild prolapse manage bladder leaks, but it is not designed to treat prolapse. Unfortunately, Uresta is unlikely to be effective for women suffering with more advanced stages of prolapse at prevents Uresta from being positioned properly in the vagina. If you suffer from advanced pelvic organ prolapse, we suggest that you consult with your physician who may be able to recommend proper treatment.

Uresta is designed specifically for stress urinary incontinence. Take our free assessment quiz to determine if you have stress or urge incontinence and if Uresta can help stop your leaks.

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI), also known as light bladder leakage, is the involuntary loss of urine during everyday activities that put pressure on the bladder such as coughing, sneezing, laughing or jumping. SUI results from the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles that support the urethra, which can lose strength as we age or as a result of childbirth. Take our free assessment quiz to determine if you have stress or urge incontinence.

If you want to learn more about stress urinary incontinence, click here.